Ways to Motivate Your Child

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happy childConvincing your child to do things they do not want to do can be a challenging task. Actually, making them stop doing things they are used to doing can prove to be even trickier. As parents, we normally have that belief that our children will not care unless we push them to the limits. However, the truth is that some attempts to motivate your children might be working against them.

Your child will always be naturally curious and eager to learn. This means schools and homework should be as pressure-free as possible to help protect your children from stress and boost their academic and personal achievements.

Here are top ways a parent can employ to keep their child motivated.


Show enthusiasm

You need to show enthusiasm for your child’s efforts and interest. Additionally, you need to encourage them to explore what interests them, be it studies, art or talent. If she is interested in horses, tell her stories about horse riding and racing, and challenge them to find information about horses in the encyclopedia and on other sources.


Ask questions

You need to ask them questions about what they are learning. Your key interest is not about their grades or test scores, but getting to know what interests them most. Ask them to teach you what they learned in school and pay a keen interest in where their potentials lie. Help in organizing school papers and assignments as this helps them to feel in control of their work.


Build Responsibility

responsibilityYou need to build a sense of responsibility for your children at a very young age. You need to allow your child to choose extracurricular activities that interest them and assign them chores in line with what they like. The bottom line is to identify the areas that interest your child most and build their life out of that.


Appreciation and Acknowledgement

You need to recognize, appreciate and acknowledge the achievements of your child.  Celebrate their achievements no matter how small they are. Encourage them to develop their talents and appreciate any efforts they are making about it. Offer them advice and practice as well as showing them how to achieve results while faced with a challenging task.



Not all times your kids will be on the right side of things. In many cases, they shall be on the wrong. When such happens, you need to exercise calm and self-control to avoid turning a small situation out of hand. Help your child identify their mistakes and let them learn from the whole experience. Do not be too hard or bossy about it when they make mistakes. Correct out of love.





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