How to Get the Most out of Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Posted on October 20, 2020 by

Your eCommerce marketing plan is essentially the cumulative total of all strategies and tactics you apply to promote your products and services online. Though it is a different model as compared to what the likes of do, the bottom line is that eCommerce is a very lucrative business for different industries across the globe.

If you are running an eCommerce store, here are some of the tricks and tactics you can put in place to get the best of what you want to sell.


Maintaining a blog is one of the best ways to attract potential customers to your site organically. You need to create quality content that is relevant to your industry, as doing so projects a sense of legitimacy and trustworthiness to your prospects. Additionally, you can give strangers incentives to visit your site through your content, on materials that are specific to your products and services. You can generate a lot of interest that can in turn lead to your prospects taking some actions.

Contribute to guest posts and other websites

Guest posts have the potential of expanding your online visibility. Additionally, it can help you in better establishing you as an authority in your industry. When you establish your authority in search engines, you become more reliable and your rankings increase. You can establish your authority on search engines with the use of relevant keywords on the products and services your customers are searching for.

Use referral marketing programs

Referral marketing combines two of the most underlying assets to any eCommerce marketing strategy – These are the word of mouth and incentives. With a solid eCommerce referral program, you will allow your customers to communicate your message to prospects who will trust their judgment. Research has shown word of mouth is directly responsible for about 20 percent of all purchases and has as much as 90 percent influence. A significant part of your eCommerce marketing strategy should include referrals.

Make use of social media

A well maintained social media presence will be an invaluable component of any successful eCommerce marketing strategy. Marketing products and services over social media can be very important for companies as products get advertised to different people all over the internet. Very few consumers are willing to buy products or services based solely on text. The success of your social media will lie in the efforts you put into the images you use to capture attention and generate traffic.

Drive user-generated content

Driving user-generated content is one of the best practices in finding and fostering ways for your customers to promote their business. It can be an excellent way in facilitating word of mouth for your company while driving traffic to your eCommerce site and building an authentic following of interested customers. One of the most effective ways of encouraging user-generated content is by offering prizes to your customers and promoting your products in some form.

In whatever you do, read through the interests of your customers and come up with something creative to their liking.

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